Fantastic Plastic Show

Fantastic Plastic Show

“Awesome”, “Inspiring”, “Attractive,…
Students and teachers impressed by Professor Macdonald’s “Fantastic Plastic Show”, held at ESMol last Wednesday.

The lecture gave a brief overview of the great variety of physical properties of plastics that make them suitable for various intriguing and surprising applications. The audience was then introduced to the concept of polymers consisting of long chain molecules, their ability to exist as solid and liquids but often having the properties of both (as in slime). Lively demonstrations showed the effects of increasing the temperature, crosslinking the molecules, "tangling up" the polymer chains, and dissolving them in liquids.

Averil Macdonald is Professor of Science Engagement at the University of Reading.

Many thanks to the Royal Society of Chemists, Brussels Branch for bringing us this opportunity.

Fantastic Plastic Fantastic Plastic Fantastic Plastic