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A conversation between a child and parent

I am going to school soon. What is my school called?

Your school’s name is European School of Mol.

What will my school be like?

Your school is hidden in a large wooded area in the lovely Belgian countryside. It has beautiful playgrounds with many interesting play areas and many outdoor toys. In the Nursery building you will find everything you need to enjoy your time there and to prepare you for the studies at the Primary school.

Who are the teachers?

There’s one teacher for every language group: German, French, English and Dutch. The teachers all come from different European countries: from Italy for the German group, from the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Why from Italy?

Well, like in Belgium, there is a German speaking population also in Italy.

So this is why it is called European School. And who helps the teachers?

There are teaching assistants in every group. They help the teachers in their work and children in their activities. The parents are also welcome at the request of the teacher to participate in activities.

What can I do there? Can I still play there?

Oh yes, don’t worry. You will have a lot of time to play. But the teachers will guide you very cleverly towards reading, writing and counting. Together with your class mates you will discover the world near the school and further.

With whom can I play to?

You will make many new friends, girls and boys from all around Europe and the world.