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Nursery/Primary: +32 (0)14 563 180


The Primary cycle of the European School of Mol welcomes children from the age of 6 years from Primary Year 1 until Primary Year 5 (10-11 years). Our school provides a formal education consistent to the programs of the European schools in four languages sections – Dutch, English French and German. These programs are recognized by all European Union member countries.

After playful and holistic learning in the Nursery school, in the Primary school pupils will concentrate more  on learning of the mother tongue (also called Language 1), mathematics and the foreign language (also called Language 2) – English, French or German; weekly activities include also physical education, swimming, music, art, discovery of the world (history, geography, biology, sociology) and ethics/religion. Socio-cultural activities and sports, called also European Hours bring together the pupils of different sections in Nursery and Year 3, 4, 5 in Primary. The use of modern technology is an integrated part of teaching and learning.

One of the main futures of our school is the multilingual and multicultural character of the education. The challenge for the pupils from different countries is to learn to work, to cooperate and to interact from the early age with the children and adults of other nationalities and cultures. Thus, children learn to appreciate both their native culture and other cultures.

The positive and family like atmosphere at school promotes learning and progress of every child at school.

The life and the education at the European School of Mol is a very exciting and stimulating for the whole community. Our teachers work closely together not only to make our pupils to achieve the academic objectives but also to find ways how to create inspiring and effective learning environments outside traditional pedagogical space and activities. Besides usual class work our pupils are contributing to the preparation of exhibitions, performances or other events throughout the whole school year that make the day by day life at school more valuable and memorable. Many of these events serve as a promotion for the school and have been reflected in the local media (e.g. Het Neiuwsbald, Ketnet, Niouzz of Ouftivi).