Senior School Language 1 English

Senior School Language 1 English

So far, this academic year has been very busy indeed for the English department!

Paul Cookson, performance poet

In October, we were visited by the performance poet, Paul Cookson, who entertained the Primary and Secondary 1 with his amusing and often subversive poems.

The Centenary of World War 1

Soon after, we welcomed back The Big Wheel Theatre Company with their interactive drama workshops on The First World War. Secondary Years 4 to 7 looked at the way poets, dramatists, artists and novelists responded to the First World War, and how the legacy of that war continues to influence writing and other art forms. The core of the workshop was the famous First World War poets but it also looked at the response of artists, playwrights and the writer JRR Tolkein. Primary 4 and 5 and Secondary 1 were involved in an interactive workshop called Spies, Lies and Pigeons: Communications in World War One. Among other things, they found out how businesses like the Post Office met the challenge of a world at war, such as employing thousands of women to work in roles they had previously been considered incapable of doing (like delivering letters!); discovered the role animals played in WW1; and participated in a reconstruction of the heroic flight of the carrier pigeon Cher Ami – awarded the Croix de Guerre for gallantry!

Trip to London

Just before Christmas, pupils from Years 4 to 7 went on an overnight visit to London. This whistle-stop tour included seeing a performance of Mamma Mia! at the Novello Theatre and a day at Poetry Live!, an event which gives young people the chance to see and hear performances from a brilliant collection of poets, including Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and Gillian Clarke.

Poetry Writing

Year 4 Primary and Year 1 Senior spent some time in the Autumn term writing their own poetry. Year 1’s anthology was printed and sent home as a Christmas gift for parents. Mr Clayton, class teacher of Year 4 Primary, and Mrs Doe, from the senior school, worked together with P4 pupils to create some fabulous poems! Below are some examples of the work of Year 1.

Winter Night
Night creeps in,
Stealing the daylight.
Street lights flicker
In the city at night.

Foxes, owls, bats and badgers
Begin the day
In the black of night,
Hooting, swooping, barking, creeping.

The first light
Breaks the black of night.
Darkness ebbs away;
Daylight returns.
Evan Power 1E

The Snow is….
The Snow is
A girl who is shy,
Who always whispers
Like the wind.
She scares some people
As if she is a ghost,
Has a freezing heart,
Only comes out in winter.
Zehra Ozturk 1E

Winter Shopping
The darkness rushes down the streets
Like horses galloping through midnight forests.
The brightness blasts out of the shop windows
Like a star rushing to Earth.
The lights glitter and shine,
Red, green, blue and yellow,
flash on and off,
Enticing people to join them in a dance.
One light flickers;
The brightness of the shimmering light dims
And dies.
The daybreak comes;
The lights sadly say their final farewells
And turn off.
Zarah Islam 1E

Steve Way, Author Visit

On March 13th, S1 and S2, along with students from the Primary, will welcome Steve Way, an author who uses story-telling to teach maths and science concepts. We cannot wait!

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