Deputy Director for Finance and Administration (DDFA)

The European School Mol is one of the 13 Type 1 European Schools in Europe which offer a multi-lingual and multi-cultural European education leading to the final European Baccalaureate certificate. Administered by the European Union, the European Schools have their own curriculum which is the same in all the language sections. There are at present around 700 pupils in 3 language sections in the school (Dutch, English and French), with over 144 members of staff (teaching and administrative). The school was built to meet the needs of the children of the employees of the Joint Research Centre in Mol.

The school is looking for a full-time Deputy Director for Finance and Administration (DDFA) from January 2021 onwards. Reporting to the Director, the DDFA will be part of the management team of the school which consists of the Director, the Deputy Director for the Secondary and the Deputy Director for the Nursery and Primary cycles. The post is currently filled on a temporary basis and the selected candidate will receive a contract of indefinite duration.

The DDFA is responsible for the full financial administration in the school and needs to have a flexible and hands-on approach to the work with a small team of administrative and technical staff. In addition to the administrative and financial responsibilities, the DDFA is charged with the management of the maintenance of the buildings and school site, as well as the IT infrastructure and support. He/she is also responsible for the management of all administrative and technical staff. This work requires efficient and sensitive liaison with various stakeholders.

The DDFA regularly participates in a range of meetings related to the financial and logistical management of the school (management meetings, the Administrative Board meetings, stakeholders and third parties). There are meetings and responsibilities at a European Schools level which require attendance as well as frequent contact with those responsible for financial and legal matters in the Office of the Secretary-General in Brussels. A good knowledge of Belgian labor law combined with people management skills are essential, especially since many of the staff come from abroad and are not familiar with Belgianregulations. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to communicate well in Dutch and in English, are a necessary prerequisite for the post. Other languages, and in particular French, would be useful.

The scope of the work is broad, and we are looking for someone not only with an interest in and understanding of education in an international environment but also with the experience, qualifications and ability to make a significant contribution to the management of the school at a time of challenge, change and expansion.

The financial aspects of the work concern the supervision of the contract and salary administration, school invoices, inventory, the production of the budget, financial reporting, financial statements, procurement and (European) calls to tender.

The information below provides general requirements for appointments of the DDFA across all the European Schools:


The Deputy Director for Finance and Administration is assisted by the administrative and accounting staff in the performance of his/her duties.

His/her main responsibilities consist of:

  • organizing of and giving direction to the administrative and technical departments (more than 20 staff members),
  • supporting the pedagogical managerial staff in all administrative questions,
  • assisting the School Director/Authorizing Officer.
  • establishing the salaries, allowances and benefits to which the seconded staff (more than 30 staff members) are entitled,
  • establishing the amount of school fees payable depending on the three categories available. Such fees are payable by around 400 pupils,
  • coordinating:
    • the preparation of the draft budget,
    • the internal control and risk management,
    • the preparation of the contracts of employment,
    • the establishment of the salaries of the locally recruited teachers and of the administrative and ancillary staff,
    • the preparation of invitations to tender, award of contracts with suppliers,
    • the preparation of documents for the Administrative Board,
  • participating in the meetings of the Administrative Board and the Budgetary Committee concerning the school’s budget,
  • maintaining contacts with the local public authorities (administration, police, etc.),
  • cooperating closely with the Parents Association (see the Convention with the PA) on a regular basis,
  • ensuring proper installation and support of IT systems and technical installations,
  • ensuring the maintenance and improvement of the buildings, safety, security, health, hygiene and cleanliness of the school site,
  • The DDFA manages the HR program of the school, which means he/she will coordinate the recruitment, development, HR communications and staff evaluations.


  • Minimum requirement - Bachelor (Bac +3) in Business Administration, Law, Economics or Finance


  • Minimum five years’ experience in minimum one of the following areas:
    • Business Administration
    • Law
    • HR management
    • Finance (essential)
  • Minimum three years’ experience in managing a team.
  • Work experience in an international environment is an asset.
  • Work experience in public administration is an asset.


  • Good Knowledge of Dutch.
  • Good knowledge of English.
  • Good knowledge of French.
  • Knowledge of any other EU language is an asset.


  • Knowledge of the labor law of the hosting Member State (i.e Belgium).
  • Basic knowledge of the Regulations for Seconded Staff Members, the Service Regulations for Locally Recruited Teachers and the Service Regulations for the Administrative and Ancillary Staff of the European Schools is an asset.
  • Basic knowledge of the data protection regulations.
  • Basic knowledge of the national safety and security rules.
  • Basic knowledge of the accounting principles.
  • Basic knowledge of the Financial Regulations of the European Schools is an asset.
  • Basic knowledge of public procurement rules.
  • The knowledge of SAP-Finance and the IPSAS accounting standards is an asset.
  • Experience in the planning and construction of (school) buildings and their maintenance are an asset.
  • Office suite programs: Excel, Word, Outlook.


The conditions of service can be found in the “Service Regulations for Locally Recruited Managerial Staff of the European Schools”, available at

An offer of employment is subject to verification of your qualifications, the production of a recent Certificate of Conduct (disclosure certificate/ VOG), a medical certificate of fitness and consultation with the professional referees.


To apply send your motivation letter, CV, a scan of your diplomas and at least two professional references (including email addresses) by email to addressed to the Director, Ms Maria José Perez Blanco.

The attached documents should be named as follows:

1-SURNAME Name-motivation letter (example: 1-DUPONT Jeanne-motivation letter).
2-SURNAME Name-resume (example: 2-DUPONT Jeanne-resume).
3-SURNAME Name-scan diploma (example: 3-DUPONT Jeanne-scan diploma)

The job title and your name should be the subject of the email.

For information about the about the school and the European School system, visit and

Data protection:

Details concerning the processing of your personal data are available in the privacy statement for recruitment.


The deadline for applications is 09:00 on Friday 31th October 2020. Interviews will take place in Brussels or if restriction does not allow it online and are foreseen in the month November 2020.  In addition to the school director, the Selection Committee will consist of staff involved in the financial and administrative management of the system. The selected candidate will start the 1st of January 2021.

Sollicitaties moeten worden ingediend voor 31/10/2020


Om te solliciteren dient u het solliciatieformulier in te vullen en uw motivatiebrief, cv en een scan van uw diploma te uploaden, en dit vóór de aangegeven einddatum.

De documenten die u dient te uploaden, moeten als volgt benoemd worden:

1-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-motivatiebrief
(voorbeeld: 1-DUPONT Jeanne-motivatiebrief).
2-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-cv
(example: 2-DUPONT Jeanne-cv).
3-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-scan diploma
(example: 3-DUPONT Jeanne-scan diploma)


Upload extra diploma