ICT Technician

The ICT Technician will join a small ICT team under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Finance and Administration to support the ICT services and assets of the school.


  • Helpdesk and support for students and staff
  • Fixing equipment, including printers, scanners, beamers
  • Setting up new equipment and upgrading existing systems
  • Testing and servicing equipment
  • Helping to fix general IT issues
  • Training clients on new systems or software applications
  • Help to arrange IT facilities throughout the school for planned activities
  • Administration in Active Directory, user and computer accounts
  • Maintaining a standardized ICT environment
  • Point of contact for helpdesk calls with Head Office in Brussels
  • Setup and maintain inventory of all assets in the school

Competency profile

Value-related competences


  • Recognize and respond appropriately to the needs of management, teachers, and students
  • Feels involved and takes action to address matters
  • Team player


  • Helps others and consults
  • Considers the sensitivities and the diversity of people
  • Offers help with problems, even if the task is not part of your own assignment

Learning ability

  • Be able to absorb new information / knowledge, process it efficiently and apply it effectively.

Job-specific competences

Planning and organizing

  • Applying structure in time and space.
  • Set priorities when dealing with problems.


  • Do the job properly without the support, help or supervision of others.
  • Being able to properly assess when he / she can make his / her own decisions and when not.


  • Be able to efficiently adapt time management and behaviour in different situations.

Stress resistance

  • To be able to deal with stress in work situations.

Professional competences

  • ICT related education
  • Experience in 1st line support and possible 2nd line support to end-users
  • Good knowledge of Windows 10, Office 365, Active Directory
  • Good understanding of networking, computers, Wi-Fi
  • Experience in a school environment is a plus
  • Language knowledge: EN/NL/FR


Sollicitaties moeten worden ingediend voor 22/06/2021


Om te solliciteren dient u het solliciatieformulier in te vullen en uw motivatiebrief, cv en een scan van uw diploma te uploaden, en dit vóór de aangegeven einddatum.

De documenten die u dient te uploaden, moeten als volgt benoemd worden:

1-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-motivatiebrief
(voorbeeld: 1-DUPONT Jeanne-motivatiebrief).
2-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-cv
(example: 2-DUPONT Jeanne-cv).
3-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-scan diploma
(example: 3-DUPONT Jeanne-scan diploma)


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