Part-time School Psychologist (temporary position)


The European School of Mol is looking for a psychologist to work in collaboration with the counselling team of the School. This is a contract until the end of the school year. The psychologist will mainly work with pupils from the secondary school.


The school psychologist will play a role as a partner in a pedagogical team including the Management, Learning Support team, teachers and educational advisors. The school psychologist will work with all members of school community as a professional advisor.

Support to pupils and parents

  • Meet pupils when requested (e.g. in case of worrying behaviour, addictions, emational and personal problems, etc.)
  • Meet pupils with intensive support needs
  • Help to orientate pupils in difficulty
  • Meet parents when they request an appointment

In no case may the school psychologist carry out a therapy on a child, whether it is on the school grounds or in a private practice. The school psychologist must avoid all conflict of interest situations with regards to the school.

Collaboration with Teachers and Educational Advisors

  • Offer advice to the teachers and help them to work with pupils with difficulties in their classes (academic, behavioural or emotional difficulties)
  • Guide teachers and educational advisors in their understanding of the psychological development of teenagers and offer trainings, for example, during the pedagogical day
  • Provide interventions in classrooms, at the school’s request

Collaboration with the School Management

  • Inform the Management of the school’s needs in trainings and in material resources, whilst respecting the budgetary constraints.
  • Offer his/her professional skills to members of the Direction, at their request
  • Provide reports regarding his/her activities
  • Communicate information on pupils in difficulty, while respecting the confidentiality inherent to his/her profession
  • Inform the Management if he/she suspects that a child could represent a danger for himself and/or for the others.
  • Participate to meetings after school’s hours occasionally, at the Management request

Learning Support

  • Assist and advise to the support team, especially for the elaboration of the individual pedagogical programmes of pupils
  • At the request of different colleagues, meet the parents in order to determinate the specific needs for their children
  • Facilitate the contact with external specialists and if necessary, initiate a link with these specialists.
  • At the Management’s request, he/she will participate to the Advisory group for the children with specific educational needs.

The school psychologist does not establish a complete psychological assessment for the children with specific needs but he/she can send his/her recommendations to the Support coordinator and to the parents.


  • Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in educational psychology
  • Experience with teenagers
  • Working experience in the educational field or a school is a plus
  • Experience in an international environment is an asset
  • Very good knowledge of French and/or English
  • Fluency in another EU language is an asset
  • Good listening and interpersonal skills


  • Start immediately
  • An international team and environment
  • Temporary contract until 30 June 2021, subject to the Service Regulations for the Administrative and Ancillary Staff at European Schools (
  • Weekly schedule: 19.75 working hours per week (schedule can be agreed)
  • Free on Wednesday afternoons and school holidays


Sollicitaties moeten worden ingediend voor 14/03/2021


Om te solliciteren dient u het solliciatieformulier in te vullen en uw motivatiebrief, cv en een scan van uw diploma te uploaden, en dit vóór de aangegeven einddatum.

De documenten die u dient te uploaden, moeten als volgt benoemd worden:

1-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-motivatiebrief
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2-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-cv
(example: 2-DUPONT Jeanne-cv).
3-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-scan diploma
(example: 3-DUPONT Jeanne-scan diploma)


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