Science teacher in French

Principal Tasks:  

  • Teaching science and chemistry in French to secondary school pupils 
  • Follow the European Schools curriculum
  • Motivated to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment 

Profile & requirements: 

  • Qualified secondary school teacher for science and chemistry in French
  • Native French speaker or a level equivalent to a native speaker 
  • Recent experience as a secondary school teacher 
  • Knowledge of at least one of the other European vehicular languages (EN-DE) 
  • Candidates must be entitled to work in Belgium 
  • Candidates should be in possession of a recent DBS check (“Certificate of good conduct”) 

Selection Procedure:  

  • Analysis of CV (Europass format is recommended) and interview
  • Please mention the contact details of the last two former employers (if possible).


  • A two-year contract, according to the Service regulations for locally recruited teachers in the European Schools ( starting on September 1st 2021. 
  • 8-10 periods per week 
  • Contract of definite duration until 31/08/2023 with the possibility of prolongation if the evaluation is positive.  
  • Removal costs (art. 37): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a minimum period of one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week shall, as provided in Article 59 and Article 62 of the Regulations for Seconded Staff Members of the European Schools, be entitled to reimbursement of the expenses caused by the removal to the place of the school (...)”.  
  • Installation allowance (art. 37bis): “A locally recruited teacher recruited for a mini-mum period of one year and a contract providing a minimum of 16 hours/periods per week who furnishes evidence of having been obliged to change his/her place of residence and of having actually settled at his/her place of employment (...) shall be entitled (a) to an installation allowance (...)”. 

Sollicitaties moeten worden ingediend voor 10/08/2021


Om te solliciteren dient u het solliciatieformulier in te vullen en uw motivatiebrief, cv en een scan van uw diploma te uploaden, en dit vóór de aangegeven einddatum.

De documenten die u dient te uploaden, moeten als volgt benoemd worden:

1-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-motivatiebrief
(voorbeeld: 1-DUPONT Jeanne-motivatiebrief).
2-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-cv
(example: 2-DUPONT Jeanne-cv).
3-FAMILIENAAM Voornaam-scan diploma
(example: 3-DUPONT Jeanne-scan diploma)


Upload extra diploma