Project Week 2024

"Learning in a different way" was the guiding principle of our Secondary School's Project Week. We're thrilled to look back on an exhilarating, diverse, and even international week that encompassed day trips, simulations, internships, workshops, and overseas travel.

A special congratulations to the six students who were selected to participate in the 2024 UNIS-UN conferenceEqual Rights Equal Heights: Climbing the Ladder of Gender Equality. Their active involvement, including winning two Student Debates, showcased our school's commitment to global issues.

Meanwhile, our S1 students delved into wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-expression through creative workshops and a visit to the Verbeke Foundation. S2 explored the Atomium and Mini-Europe, immersing themselves in the European Union theme through debates and simulations.

Students in S3 and S4 enjoyed educational excursions to the Geothermal Centre in Geel, the Beringen Mine Museum, and engaged in various activities such as dance workshops, sports, and escape rooms. S5 students pursued internships or participated in voluntary work, while S6 embarked on an enriching journey to Portugal, exploring its culture and learning to surf.

S7 students remained on campus, engaging in a mix of professional meetings, higher education workshops, and preparation for the Bacc.

Overall, Project Week 2024 was a testament to our students' curiosity, adaptability, and commitment to holistic learning. Great job everyone!