Projects & Trips

Project week

Every year, for one week, our students experience a different way of learning. Through cross-curricular activities, multi-language workshops and real-life connections, they immerse themselves in a broad range of activities, allowing them to gain new and varied insights.

  • Year 1 Art & Culture: Students create and discover, both in school and in various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Year 2 Ardennes Trip: Students learn to work and play together in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes.
  • Year 3 Latin Trip & Sciences Sustainability Week: Students who take Latin, French or Spanish classes, travel to Italy or Spain and experience Latin culture they are learning about throughout their school career. Students who stay in school learn more about sciences and sustainability.
  • Year 4 Ski Trip: Whether they take their very first ski class or know their way around the ski slopes, students learn determination, perseverance and commitment, whilst developing strong bonds with classmates and teachers.
  • Year 5 Work Experience: What will my future work environment look like? Students from Year 5 get a glance of their possible future as they join a company or organisation in a European Country for a week.
  • Year 6 Cultural Trip: Our students create long lasting memories with classmates while they discover the culture and nature of a European country.
  • Year 7 Preparation for the European Baccalaureate: Students prepare for the oral examinations, join learning-to-learn workshops and discuss career options over lunch with professionals.

Sports day

When summertime is in the air, we transform our sports fields into a giant playground. Pupils have the best time while building on strength, endurance and courage together with classmates and teachers.


The European School Science Symposium (ESSS) is a competition open to students of the European Schools years 1 to 7 inclusive. Individuals or groups of 3 students, guided by a teacher-mentor, are encouraged to explore an area of scientific interest of their choice, not normally covered by the European Schools’ science syllabus. The overall winning project in the senior category will represent the European Schools at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists later in the year.


The United Nations International School (UNIS) organises an annual conference on sustainable development in the UN building in New York City, United States. A selection of eight students study the theme, debate with students from around the world and vote on resolutions along the lines of the United Nations General Assembly.


EUROSPORT was founded in 1976 based on an idea of two Physical Education teachers from the European Schools of Varese and Karlsruhe. These teachers decided to start a friendly competition between their two schools, selecting, training and preparing teams of male and female students to compete in the main school sports, hosting the tournament on a rotating basis. Since 2013, EUROSPORT has taken on the nature of a highly professional sporting event. As of 2017, EUROSPORT was also open to Accredited European Schools, and the number of school participating grew to 16.

In 2022 the European School of Mol hosted Eurosport. 500 students and 60 staff members from all over Europe joined us to participate in volleyball, basketball, badminton and duathlon competitions.


Students from European Schools can give free rein to their creativity during a four-day music and art festival. An incredible experience with workshops, rehearsals, performances and exhibitions. 


The Model European Council Programme (MEC) is a realistic simulation of the Council of the European Union, with ministers and heads of state. A team of pupils representing the European Commission - with support from the real Commission – prepares the proposals before the summit of the Council.  


Our students research and formulate political positions at the Model United Nations (MUN). Together with peers from all over Europe, they participate as Delegates to various UN Committees and other bodies of the UN system.

School Trips

Throughout the school year, day trips and projects are organised for all classes as part of the curriculum. Occasionally, subject-matter experts are invited to speak in class groups. 

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