Projects & Trips

School trips

YEAR 1 & 2: Farm trip (1 or 2 nights)

Exploring the farm life for 2 or 3 days in a local farm such as Green Valley or ‘t Groenhof will enable our Year 1 and 2 pupils not only to grow closer to their classmates, but also to animals and nature.

YEAR 3: Sea or lake trip (2 nights)

Our Year 3 pupils get the chance to visit our Belgian sea (De Panne) or a nearby lake (Zilvermeer).  Either way, there is no doubt they will enjoy this water and beach adventure at the fullest!

YEAR 4: Hoge Rielen bike trip (3 nights)

In Year 4, our pupils will get the perfect combination between nature and adventure at Hoge Rielen with a variety of educational and outdoors activities in the woods.

YEAR 5: Malmedy trip (3 or 4 nights)

During this Year 5 school trip, the focus will be on working and playing together through active and adventurous activities such as a high rope parcours and an orientation trail, providing them one last adventurous memory before going to secondary.

Section day trip (Nursery + Primary)

In order to establish a strong connection between Nursery and Primary, our Nursery pupils each year take part in a trip together with Primary school pupils, often by language section. Our French-speaking section, for example, goes on a bike trip every year, with a nice ice cream as their final destination!

Projects & Events


On the Friday before our All Saints Holiday, we celebrate the start of the holidays during a joint Autumn Assembly. During this assembly, everyone sings and dances together to their favourite songs, dressed up in their favourite Halloween or fantasy outfit.

Sint Maarten Light Walk

Every year around the 11th of November, our Parents Association in cooperation with the school organises the Sint Maarten Light Walk around the school premises. After this charming evening walk a bonfire is made on Primary playground with waffles, hot chocolate, etc.


On the 6th of December, we are always happy to welcome Sinterklaas to our school. After giving him a warm welcome together, he will visit both our Nursery and our Primary School with presents and sweets. Together, we sing songs to celebrate him coming to our school.

Christmas lunch + show

On the last Tuesday before the Christmas holidays, our entire school community enjoys a Christmas Lunch together in the school canteen where parents volunteer to help. Christmas hats, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights, what a cosy atmosphere for a tasteful lunch!

On the day before the Christmas holidays, our Nursery and Primary Schools come together in the main hall of the Primary School for our annual Christmas Show, during which performances of dance, singing etc. are given by classes. After the Christmas Show, we end the day together in the Primary hall with hot chocolate and warm New Year’s wishes.

Christmas Market

Every two years, all our Nursery and Primary classes, together with our Parents Association, participate in a cosy Christmas Market in the corridors of our Primary School. Each class makes artworks and treats that can be purchased by each other, teachers and parents. Afterwards, all profits are donated to a charity chosen by the school.

Easter Breakfast

Our school brings all our pupils and teachers closer together during an Easter breakfast, where everybody is dressed up fancy or in pyjamas. Our Nursery children even wear colourful crafted Easter bonnets. Every child brings/makes something to eat or drink.


Traffic safety lessons are of great importance in the development of becoming a safe road user. That’s why every year, our Year 1 until Year 4 classes get a lesson about safety in traffic in the Verkeerspark of Mol.

European day of languages + Europe day

On the European Day of Languages (26th of September) and Europe Day (9th of May) we celebrate the rich linguistic diversity of Europe and focus on the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone, by singing songs together in different languages, etc.

Sports day

When summertime is in the air, we transform our sports fields into a giant playground. Pupils have the best time while building on strength, endurance and courage together with classmates and teachers.


To motivate our pupils for mathematics and other subjects, our school participates in several competitions, such as Kangoeroe, a mathematics competition. After taking part in the competition, all pupils receive a certificate of participation and a small nice gift. Prizes for the pupils and classes with the best results are awarded.

Book fair

In October, an English book fair with a huge range of quality books is held in the entrance hall of the Primary School for all our pupils and parents are welcome to attend.


Each Friday before the Carnival Holidays, our pupils can dress up in their favourite character and dance and sing to their favourite songs. Our teachers organise all sorts of games, workshops and other fun activities in the hall and corridors of the Primary School, such as a mini disco and stage performances.