Elodie Wellner

I graduated from ES Mol in 2019. In total, I spent four amazing years in the school’s Dutch section.  

My class was one of the things I loved the most about the school! My fellow students, who I can proudly call good friends, made my time at ES Mol even better. On top of that, I really liked my teachers. Whether from my Dutch, English, or Spanish classes - the teachers were always motivated to teach and were very friendly and helpful. 

Thanks to everyone at the school, I really felt at home there. This is one of the many reasons why ES Mol is such a special place. The school is also special because it gives students a lot of freedom to develop and grow on their own, within the framework of a school. 

Furthermore, since the classes are in various languages, you really learn the languages thoroughly. I, for example, could not speak English when I first arrived at the school. Now, I am studying ‘Law in Society’ in English at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  

Besides learning languages, I learned how to interact with people from all around the globe. This helped shape the open mind that I have today. I am very thankful to ES mol for that! I would highly recommend ES Mol as a school! I recommended the school to my brother, who is a very happy student there now.