Multilingual and multicultural education for a successful future.

The European School of Mol welcomes all students. Our student body is composed of children from local families as well as from European and overseas families who live and work in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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Viktor Lazlo - Sonia Dronnier

Chanteuse, actrice, romancière française

Si je me pose la question de savoir comment l’école européenne a influencé et même déterminé ma vie, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser à...

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Daniel Falque

CEO KBC Belgium

How ES Mol impacted my career ... Exposure to different nationalities and cultures. Extensive knowledge of languages. Boarder mindset (international exposure). Quality of teachers. Non-conventlonal...

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Gybels Jolene

Mede-zaakvoerder Euro Gijbels NV

The European School introduced me to the world when I was just a little girl. Because of the smooth, casual contact with pupils, parents, teachers of all nationalities, the foundations were built...

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Elodie Wellner

I graduated from ES Mol in 2019. In total, I spent four amazing years in the school’s Dutch section.   My class was one of the things I loved the most about the school! My fellow students,...

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Massimiliano De Angelis

I was at the European School of Mol from 1968 to 1976, when I obtained my European Baccalaureate.  Those years formed the basis of the person I am today. Going to school with students from neighbouring...

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3.30-6pm International food market

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