Massimiliano De Angelis

I was at the European School of Mol from 1968 to 1976, when I obtained my European Baccalaureate. 

Those years formed the basis of the person I am today. Going to school with students from neighbouring countries makes you grow up in a natural way without the perception of differences or boundaries, often attached to different nationalities.  

At that time the European Community was made up of just six countries: Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and West Germany.  And many courses (Biology, Geography, History, English … and Sports) were held together, favouring shared values.  

As a medical doctor working in the pharmaceutical industry, I see how the international medical community well reflects the values I had the chance of acquiring at ES Mol.  

I still have, and sometimes look at, several photographs from that time: all are in paper format, and most are in … black and white! Some photos were taken at school, and others on school trips (London, Trier, the Ardennes … and skiing in Austria). So many happy memories, if only I could go back … but this is not the time for nostalgia.  

To all the students of ES Mol that might cross these few lines: get your European Baccalaureate, for it gives you a competitive advantage. And go through life with no fear. Be Europeans and beyond that, be citizens of the world.